Thai Tests gone crazy (Mathayom 6)

Known as probably the most ridiculous, mind-boggling test in the world, Thailand’s standardized exam for high school graduates, “ONET,” was held for two days.

See if you can answer these crazy messed up questions?

From the Social Studies exam:

Question: Which of the following would NOT come under the remit of Thai law?

  1. a) Breaking a law on a Singaporean plane while it is parked at Suvarnabhumi airport
  2. b) Breaking a law on a Thai Airways flight while flying in Vietnam territory
  3. c) Breaking a law on a Thai ship on international waters
  4. d) Breaking a law on a Thai Airways flight while the plane is parked in Hong Kong
  5. e) A Thai defaming another Thai while in Japan


From Science exam:

Question: Which of the following is a lesson learned from the evolution of a star?

  1. a) Make hay while the sun shines
  2. b) Even the wisest man may fall
  3. c) All things exist on borrowed time
  4. d) Knowledge is power
  5. e) The butterfly effect


Question: Which food affects the conservation of “rare animals”?

  1. a) Shark fin soup
  2. b) Bird’s nest drink
  3. c) Isaan fermented sausage
  4. d) Antler soup
  5. e) Slow-roasted goat’s leg

Question: Which of the following would likely cause a “sexual problem”?
a) Traveling to another city with opposite-sex friends
b) Tutoring a person of the opposite sex alone at your house
c) Surfing the internet at a friend’s house until late at night
d) Going to a movie with a person of the opposite sex without telling your parents
e) Joining a club at school which has many opposite-sex members
“Sexual problem”? Don’t you mean “sexual tension”?


Last but not least, there are rules about how to treat your partner in Thai culture that teens must know before proceeding to higher education.
Question: When in a relationship, how should you behave according to Thai traditions?
a) Embrace your partner while walking at the mall
b) Invite your partner to movies and dinner
c) Rest your head on your partner’s lap in public
d) Go on an overnight beach trip
e) Feed each other in restaurants

Our answer is F)take your phone out,play with it all night whilst ignoring your partner and take endless selfies



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