Pattaya Bike Gallery- Chris Bird

I have always loved this guys work,and sweet3 is all about sharing and getting people involved.So I picked this Gallery as I have a love for Motorbikes and a newly acquired passion for Photography.

Please read below for an about Chris in his own words.Enjoy



About Chris Bird

At the age of 36 I kind of had a midlife crisis  and have never looked back.
I traveled to Vietnam on my own for a few months after coming out of a long term relationship and got the travel bug.
I have never been the same since.
After this 2 month adventure I decided I would Rent out my house in the UK and continue the Journey .
7 years on and I have developed a passion for Photography and HERE you have my outlet for that passion …

Chris Bird is a free thinking artist who continually tries to travel around this beautiful planet as and when he can.
Upto now that equates to approximately 75 % of the last 7 years.
The Photography is an extension of his rather overactive imagination that kind of sees the world in a different context .
Unfortunately for some the travel has magnified this to a worrying level creating an even more diverse view of the world.
Anyone that Knows About Chris Bird will agree he is a little different.

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