Yellow Journalism

el·low jour·nal·ism


journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration.

“equating murder and dismemberment with smoking pot is the worst yellow journalism”


News and events are very popular in this day and age, we are subject to so many options, opportunities and views. In the days of our parents or grandparent’s news travelled much slower and the best mediums of the day were newspapers, they carried much weight and influence. Today maybe a lot less so and credibility has been very badly tainted buy influential moguls, powerful people and politicians who knew how to use them to influence everyday people’s thinking and opinions.

News has changed so dramatically over the past 100 years, and it’s been revolutionized over the past 20. This day and age in 2017, yes, its 2017, if you want to be part of the global community get with the global time clock.

It’s no longer essential to study for years to find a job or a voice in journalism, any tom, dick or harry can set up a website or blog, we have several global interfaces like Facebook to promote our image or voice and so, with smart phones we have instant access almost anywhere to anything globally. This is so much disliked by those of whom have yielded power and tried to control us, so today we see so much more “Yellow Journalism”.

Definitions are as such: …

Scare headlines in large print… these are so common, but the more reputable organizations do try to detach themselves as much as possible.

Lavish use of pictures or imaginary drawings…. newspapers acting as comics (a book full of pictures)

Faked news and interviews, we used to call it propaganda to spread a message of fear or mistrust in others, you could add xenophobia to that.

Misleading headlines…. Pseudoscience… claiming beliefs or practice and being presented by a plausible scientifically, but fail the scientific method. Exaggerated or unprovable claims, which has an obvious bias…… we can see this daily everywhere.

Lack of Openness to evaluation by experts or others, the objectives to hide and suppress events or manipulate the interpretation of news and events.

Censorship….. the most dangerous of them all. It’s done by every government everywhere, they tell us or allow us to know only what they want, governments are scared of people knowing too much. We will never have a 100% open news, but suppression can be used for many things, stability, control, acceptance, its use comes with law and order, and you will find the more censorship or harsher it the more it has to hide, and the more concerned you should be.

Absence of progress…. All news or journalism has progress, progress is a good news story, its show that things are moving forward, there are improvements and indications that our lives and circumstances are improving.

Vague, exaggerated or untestable claims….. this is an old favourite, every week we are all subject to what we used to call “Whoopers” a bit of news that just looks like it’s been thought of whilst either on meth’s, party poppers, or at a drunken gathering…. You see it. you read it and it’s so “off the wall” without thought or consideration… it just makes you laugh….

Refusal to acknowledge problems….. here is the dark side of “Yellow Journalism”…. to acknowledge there is the first step in solving the problem. to deny a problem exists is just pushing it aside or trying to cover it up…… It never works, the problem does not go away, it grows and grows… sometimes coming back a thousand times worse.

Quality News and Journalism is far more difficult to find these days, be it via radio, Tv, papers, Internet, its everywhere how do we know what is good ?….. however on the lighter side and it’s just a personal thing that makes me laugh out load….. On Facebook we get business promoting themselves and quite right to (but many don’t have a websites) …. but there are people that have many hundreds or even thousands for friends…… now call me old fashioned, but how do you know all of them personally?they can’t all be family or personal friends, business contacts or acquaintances…..the vast majority are just unknown faces….. and many seek approval from them more so that loved ones and family…… Oh my aching sides… what a sad, sad, shallow world we have become…. next your be telling me people will sit at tables to eat and send messages to each other rather than talk face to face!..

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Volts: Alien, falang, foreigner, overseas guest in the seach of the lighter side of the Thai lifestyle… might not agree with what you say but will accept your right to say it. Age: Old enough to know better

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