Is Our most prized possession killing us?

Possibly one of the world’s great inventions is causing more accidents and
fatalities despite its world wide popularity. The not so humble mobile phone which has evolved into the smart phone has the effect of setting its users into the retard mode.
Nobody can doubt the usefulness and popularity that the mobile phone gives us, most of us can’t be without it, and it gains more attention from us than any other aspect of our daily lives…… we have become a sad lonely society to be influenced by people we don’t know.
Evolution of the phone has been remarkable, from October 2nd 1946 Motorola established the car phone, it became the essential yuppie toy of the 1980’s, on April 3rd 1973 Motorola made the first successful call from a hand held device, 10 years later September 21st 1983 Motorola sold the 8000X ( the worlds first commercial mobile phone) at the time it cost $3,995!!
During the 1990’s the mobile phone became lighter and more affordable, which drove out the sales of car phones, the term “Smartphone” was established in 1995, so why is our most prized possession killing us?
Back in the 1990’s concerns were about a phone radiation, cell phones emit low frequency magnetic fields, and high frequency microwave radiation, I worked with a company all those years ago on shielding those harmful radiation waves. I was proudly the last father in both my children’s classes at school to allow them a mobile phone. The skull thickness of a child is much less than an adult and back in those early development days we just did not know the full effects of mobile phone radiation, I was extremely unpopular with my children, but I’m sure I made the right decision…. even today I would not give a mobile phone to any child under the age of 13.
Today our smartphones are an essential part of our lives, they are amazing tools for the modern world, its like a mini computer in your hand and has become the ultimate fashion accessory as well. Personally I love them, I’m still a technophobe and wait with excitement the new releases from the major brands. We are also benefiting from many more manufacturers who are pushing technology developments, so its not just about the big 2 anymore, high quality cutting edge design and performance is available from a dozen or more manufactures.
However, today’s smart phone is only as good as the person using it, and we have not evolved anywhere near as fast, our super powerful little friend is also causing us distraction and an active contribution to our demise. The Sony Walkman was cited as a major factor in accidents because being a pedestrian we lost one of our major senses that helped us on impending danger…. “Sound”… wired up we lost the ability to hear and the net result was a large increase in related accidents.
Our smartphone for all its advantages is shutting down our abilities. Look on a public transport journey. The BTS and MRT are full of “smartphone-zombies” when we go out to eat, a majority now don’t talk to each other, they just daze at their phone, the art of conversation is dying.
Now to the worst situation of all….. way to many people are using their phones when driving. In a situation where we are required to be the most focused and alert, in the most dangerous of situations, to many are still using their phones, not only are they putting others lives as risk, they are risking those that are travelling with them. Nobody likes to be called stupid ( especially here in Thailand) but is there any other word that suits this activity better?.. Delusional… retarded… idiotic….dumb…vapid…foolish… dense…slow…vacuous…think…dim…brain dead…half witted…dopey…daft…boneheaded…..obtuse…doltish…dull…brainless..
insane…mindless…. well they all apply to a person who drives using their phone.
The charters Dumb and Dumber or even Homer Simpson come to mind…… but seriously
is that call or sms more important than a persons life?… even a member of your own family or a friend?….. If you answer is yes…. then Stupid is not the word for you. It should be more like you should not be allowed to own a phone or use a car, because you don’t have the mental capacity to use either.
The best way to describe someone who uses a mobile phone whilst driving comes from the IQ scale, this is actually a linked medical fact…. those who use mobile phones and drive have low IQ levels, apart from the obvious failure to link the serious danger aspect of what they are doing, which is very common with low IQ, the lack of ability to change that behavior sums up perfectly why stupid is not a suitable work for them. The act of stupid can be achieved by all IQ levels… all but the lowest IQ levels are unable to identify
and understand what stupid means…
So until car manufactures develop a car from working whilst a driver is using a phone, or mobile phone companies produce an App that disables or switches off your phone whilst you drive…. please review your official status below if you use a phone and drive.
IQ below 60 Mild mental retardation
IQ below 40 Moderate mental retardation
IQ below 30 Severe mental retardation
IQ below 20 Profound mental retardation ( Car drivers who use their phones)
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Volts: Alien, falang, foreigner, overseas guest in the seach of the lighter side of the Thai lifestyle… might not agree with what you say but will accept your right to say it. Age: Old enough to know better

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