Too Much Pimping : Sex Industry is Sinking Bangkok…Literally

Bangkok: Sex is sinking the Thai capital, officials warn.

The city’s massage parlours – a thin euphemism for commercial sex venues – are illegally pumping so much groundwater for bathing and rinsing that they are adding to the subsidence of the city at a rate of a centimetre each year, according to officials quoted by Khaosod English online news.

Former massage parlour mogul-turned-politician Chuwit Kamolvist said brothels resort to groundwater because of their massive water needs. Buying the water legally racks up enormous bills.

“Think of how much they have to pay for water? It’s a lot,” Mr Chuwit said on his Thairath television show.

“So they secretly use groundwater. They pump it up from 100 metres underground.”

Mr Chuwit said massage parlour spa pools usually need about 1000 litres of water and each room is used on average three times a night.

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