Even the Japanese Are At It : Japanese Begpackers Found In Issan

Local police in the rural Sa Kaeo province found our two Japanese friends begging for money,as pastimes go this seems to have been only a hobby “Farangs” took up,but yesterday the world caught its first sighting of Asians now taking part.

One of the tourists even going so far as to wearing a  Khaosan favorite “the Elephant pants”. Our Japanese friends were seen hanging around by the roadside with signs, including one that said “No Money.”

When approached, they seemed happy to pose for photos and admitting they were college students trying to get to Bangkok.

The post translates as..

“The patrolmen of Aranyaprathet Police Department [of the Sa Kaeo province] saw two tourists outside Sri Aranyothai kindergarten. They were holding signs that read “No Money,” “Bangkok,” and “Sa Kaeo,” so the officers went and talked to them.

The boys were then offered free water,and a trip back to Bangkok with one of the public buses from Aranyaprathet Transport so all seems to have ended well.

What would have happened if the young men were “Farang ” is anyone’s guess.



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