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Sweet3mango and Chowtraveller decided to check out the English Breakfast at 101 Restaurant on Soi 101/1

Here is what Chowtraveller thought


First off, I rarely use the word “best” much less capitalize it in my article titles. It’s certain there are many places in Bangkok that serve a fantastic English breakfast. and I am certainly not saying that the 101 Restaurant (official Facebook page) has THE best English breakfast in Bangkok. I am saying that they offer the BEST English breakfast that I’ve had in Bangkok to date, and I have tried a few places.

Yes, I am an American. That being said, I’ve previously lived in the United Kingdom and I’m no stranger to a proper full English brekkie. In fact, when traveling around the UK I preferred to stay at B&B’s (Bed and Breakfast), and if they served a proper full English breakfast the place would endear me to them and they’d be receiving my repeat biz. I mention this because that’s what I kept remembering the first time I had this meal at 101 Restaurant.

That being said, if you’re a fan of English food you’re going to enjoy this article. But if you are on a cholesterol restricted diet I caution you from reading further or recreating my experience…

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101 Restaurant – My BEST English Breakfast in Bangkok! – Chow Traveller

The 101 Restaurant serves the BEST and BIGGEST English Breakfast that I’ve had in Bangkok. It’s huge and very reasonably priced. This secret dining gem also serves some great lunch and dinner dishes as well. If you go here you will be impressed with their menu selection, service, and value!

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