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The Road To Khaosan

Catching a bus from Sukhumvit to Khaosan is a bit of an adventure, and one sweet3 can recommend as you pass through Platinum and the central world area of Bangkok…

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Breath…Breath In The Air!

So much publicity in recent days surrounding the ‘toxicity’ levels of the air we breathe, particularly in Bangkok. You can certainly view the smog, in some cases sense its smell….

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A Week On Twitter

A sarcastic look at the ” Highlights ” of the past week on Twitter Come to Thailand and watch Ex-pat tv Asian mating ritual Leo’s are Teachers are a great…

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Rod Fai, Srinakarin Train Market

Rot Fai Night market is a must see authentic night-bazaar located in Srinakarin next door to Seacon Square. Selling everything from clothes to cheesy chips this a great way to…

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What Bangkok Used To Be Like

Expats here in Thailand are a moaning bunch of sad sacks, okay okay my mates call me moaning mango but come on people lighten up it’s all tongue in cheek. All…

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DAY SHIFT w/ Eltron

Welcome to DAY SHIFT! As nightlife in Bangkok becomes more restricted, we felt the need to shift things towards day time. With this event series we want to build a…