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Princess To Run For PM

In a move that wasn’t expected at all, Ubolratana Mahidol, the eldest child of the late King Bhumibol, was nominated Friday to be Thailand’s next prime minister. On a day…

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Chinese Year New

Having a look around Chinatown is always a great day out, but Chinese New Year always offers something a little different, mango took a look around earlier than normal to…

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NZ Waitangi Day Party at The Kiwi

Waitangi Day is New Zealand’s national day, commemorating the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi on 6 Feb. 1840 in Waitangi, Bay of Islands.  The representatives of the British Crown…

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Sak Yant – Wat Bang Phra

Take a trip to Wat Bang Phra and see monks and trainees inking the age old Sak Yant. The tattoos have been around for over 2,000 years and even though…

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Smog Causes Bangkok To Cancel Class

Thursday – Smog Causes Bangkok To Cancel Class Government officials have made the decision to send children from over 400 schools home today, they will have the rest of the…

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Lower Sukhumvit @Night

Take a walk around lower Sukhumvit at night and you see a whole different scene than during the day, here are a few photos from a walk a recent walkabout.

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A Week On Twitter

Twitter has been so slow this week, people thinking it’s interesting posting photos of smog all week and what the air level is, listen the air is crap we don’t…