Bangkok’s Highest Observation Deck – Not A Chance

by sweet3mango 0

Good afternoon to the fair citizens of The Big Mango, moaning mango back with a true account of my fear of heights.

A while back I was asked to do a fashion shoot at Koi restaurant on the 39th floor of Sathorn Square, now I am not a one for heights but relieved that there was a glass window that stopped me from fallen the 39 floors down to a tragic ending. One of the models points upwards and sure as hell, there are people who look no bigger than ants having fun and taking selfies with no regard to their lives on Bankok’s newest selfie platform. Now not for one minute am I suggesting this is dangerous or unsafe but I ask myself ” why the f**k would you do that”? and why oh why would you pay money to do it?

So if anyone from the King Power building wants to sponsor me to pop up and take some pics, it would have to be a sizeable donation to charity to get me up there, and I mean sizable.

Please be my guest if you would like to stand 340 metres above Bangkok street level, and spend 750 baht for the pleasure to do so, but please leave this moaning mango on street level.

Pics courtesy of  King Power Mahanakhon