Man Abandons Elderly Father Under Bridge

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Man Abandons Elderly Father Under Bridge

Thai culture places strong emphasis on family, which is why a recent story involving an elderly father and his son has upset many Thai citizens.

The story starts back on August 29th, 2018, when locals in the Nontaburi province of Thailand noticed a man dropping of an older, disabled man under a bridge.

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The disabled man was a 65 year old, ex air conditioning mechanic who had recently retired after losing feeling in his legs. After struggling to survive without any income, the old man turned to his son to take care of him.

Unfortunately, it was his son who was dropped him off under the bridge as if his father was nothing more than a stray dog. The disabled man was left homeless, entirely dependent on the generosity of strangers as his own son drove away.

Onlookers approached the old man, hoping to give him some help or at the very least transport him to a homeless shelter. However, before anything could be done for the man, his son returned and loaded him back into his car.

The man was not seen again until almost a year later.

Photos recently resurfaced online showing the same old man under the same bridge. Within a day, pictures of the man circulated around Thai Facebook and people worked together to help.

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Locals helped find his identifying information and signed him up for government assistance and welfare programs. He has since been sent to a shelter

Comments on Facebook consist of Thais complaining about the son, and insisting that karma will indeed punish the son in the end.