The Pop Pongkool Scandal: How to Cheat

by Matt Gonzalez 0

The Pop Pongkool Scandal: How to Cheat

Mistress, side piece, concubine, whatever you want to call her, a second lover is as hard to keep secret as she is to keep secrets from. That doesn’t stop some guys from spinning plates to keep an extra girl (or two) on their roster. That leads us to the hero of our story…

Meet Pop Pongkool, currently a coach on the popular Thai TV show, “The Voice Thailand”. The 37 year old Thai singer is embroiled in some online drama. One of his most famous songs, “Mai Roo Jak Chan, Mai Roo Jak Teuh” (You Don’t Know Me, I Don’t Know You), foreshadows the controversy which involves two beautiful Thai women and some very advanced cheating techniques.

The story begins 14 years ago, before our protagonist found success in the music industry. Pop met a gorgeous, intelligent girl, “P”, and fell in love. After four years, Pop brought up the topic of marriage and was disappointed to hear that P was too concerned with her education and career to settle down. P allegedly joked that it might be a good opportunity for Pop to “meet some new friends”, which he did to great effect. Her name was “B”. So Pop found himself at a crossroads. Stay with his girlfriend and wait for her to compromise, or try something different with an exciting new prospect?

Sometimes, Cheating is the Best Option.

Breaking up is hard, and infinitely less enjoyable than having two girls. As in Pop’s case, cheating can be a helpful tool in deciding who you would like to keep in your life. Usually a decision can be made in anywhere from a few weeks to a few months’ time. Pop may have broken this generation’s high score by keeping this deception going for over 10 years. Pop not only set a standard for cheating efficiency, he also maintained such a strong relationship that his streak ended with a marriage. His techniques can be helpful to men in virtually any setting. So, how did he do it?

Use Social Media to Your Advantage.

This is an often overlooked aspect of cheating that gets many guys caught. The mindset generally is that if you can keep your affairs in order in the ‘real world’, you won’t have to worry about what’s happening online. This is misguided.

A look at Pop’s social media presence will reveal two Facebook pages, a public account and a private account. Pop also has an Instagram page. What is there to learn from these pages? For starters, his public account only ever showed pictures with B, his “newest” girl. Seems dangerous right? Well according to the internet, P was not a big fan of social media. It’s reasonable to assume that, with the right privacy settings, P would never even be aware of the incriminating pictures that Pop shared. For an added layer of protection, some people suggested that Pop might have gained access to each girl’s profile and made them block each other. As for the Instagram account, no picture of either girl had ever been posted. Need I say more?

But the world still turns, even when you’re logged out of Facebook. What did Pop do to avoid any awkward confrontations in public?

Keep your circle small.

I’m not going to lie and tell you that I know what it’s like to be a celebrity, but I can guess that vetting friends and acquaintances is an important “hiso” skill to have. Not much is known about who Pop had to confide in, but there are still some tips to share. First of all, honesty is important. Talk to your friends and let them know about your girls. What are their names? Where do they work? How often should they expect to interact? As a friend, you should do your best to mitigate the circumstances where your friends will be expected to cover for you. As for everyone else? A look at the guest list to Pop’s recent wedding shows that his A list, high risk, celebrity acquaintances were not present. Even when things get serious, Pop shows us just how important is to stay in control.

Now you may be wondering, how did he get caught?

Ten years after their original discussion about marriage, Pop and P decided to tie the knot. Their wedding was traditional, consisting of a morning ceremony and an evening party. At some point during the morning ceremony, pictures of the event spread throughout the internet. Keep in mind, this wedding was never publically announced or broadcasted in any formal way. It didn’t take long for pictures of Pop and P to circulate and cause an uproar. No one had ever seen this girl before, all of Pop’s Facebook pictures showed B! Near the end of the morning’s celebration, Pop felt compelled to leave the event and explain everything that was going on to his other lover, B. Pop did not return until late, very late. He came back to his own wedding’s evening party after 10pm, when the party was basically over.

The day after the party, in the midst of an online witch hunt, Pop posted a picture of B to his Instagram. He included a caption that revealed B to be his “girlfriend”. This leads us to our last, possibly most important rule to follow when cheating.

Take Responsibility.

Pop’s Instagram post not only took responsibility for the pain he had caused to Bow, he also used his platform to encourage overzealous netizens to direct their anger only at him.

At the end of the day, Pop is just as flawed as any of us. We have all made mistakes, but it’s how we react to the consequences that makes us real men. Pop is a real man, and you have to respect that.