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Sweet3mango and Chowtraveller decided to check out the English Breakfast at 101 Restaurant on Soi 101/1

Here is what Chowtraveller thought


First off, I rarely use the word “best” much less capitalize it in my article titles. It’s certain there are many places in Bangkok that serve a fantastic English breakfast. and I am certainly not saying that the 101 Restaurant (official Facebook page) has THE best English breakfast in Bangkok. I am saying that they offer the BEST English breakfast that I’ve had in Bangkok to date, and I have tried a few places.

Yes, I am an American. That being said, I’ve previously lived in the United Kingdom and I’m no stranger to a proper full English brekkie. In fact, when traveling around the UK I preferred to stay at B&B’s (Bed and Breakfast), and if they served a proper full English breakfast the place would endear me to them and they’d be receiving my repeat biz. I mention this because that’s what I kept remembering the first time I had this meal at 101 Restaurant.

That being said, if you’re a fan of English food you’re going to enjoy this article. But if you are on a cholesterol restricted diet I caution you from reading further or recreating my experience…

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