Rossano’s Italian Restaurant – A Taste Of Tuscany in Bangkok

by sweet3mango 0

Rossano’s Italian Restaurant is a very busy and cozy Italian restaurant with good quality food and an amazing selection of wine, located in a busy commercial area of Asoke it’s ideally situated near the Asok/Sukhumvit rail links, If you are an ex-pat or tourist in Bangkok who wants the taste of Tuscany in Bangkok then this is the place for you.

There are several Italian restaurants in Bangkok, Rossano’s has to be simply one of the best, there simple yet quaint decor and homely ambiance is the perfect place to enjoy a meal and a glass of wine, weekly special’s are there on a chalk board for you to decide over and sample some of their delicious food.

Pasta dishes are our main recommendation which they seem to have perfected, these are served with a thin sliced pizza bread and you will love the lunch time specials on offer.

To top it off Rosanne’s have a fantastic atmosphere that will make you feel like your are on holiday in Tuscany.

You can find Rossano’s here on Facebook.

Capasante gigante alla griglia


Che’s specials


Antipasto della Casa


Veal Osso Buco served with a vegetable gremolata and saffron risotto.