5 Things To Do In Kanchanaburi

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Kanchanaburi (pronounced gaan jà ná bù rii)  is a province in Thailand that is located proximately 140km from Bangkok and is one of the most popular provinces in Thailand due to the location of the Bridge Over The River Kwai.

The area is filled with some amazing views and landscapes, that make a great photo opportunity with many stop off points along the route from Bangkok to this charming province.

Kanchanburi is steeped in history, most notably from World War 2 as the Japanese came here and built the infamous ” Death Railway”, there are many museums that are dotted around the area and are worth stopping off to see the scale of the loss of lives in World War 2.

Sweet3mango has compiled 5 things to do in the are,so without wasting anymore time of your time here they are:

The Bridge Over The River Kwai

This is the most visited and famous sights in Kanchanaburi, the Death Railway Bridge which was made famous after the hit movie ‘Bridge Over The River Kwai’ that was shot here in 1975. The bridge was originally made in Japan and brought here by the Japanese in World War 2. The bridge itself once reassembled in Kanchanaburi played an important part in the link between Burma and Thailand.

HellFire Pass

The Hellfire pass museum is very unique, there is a hiking  trail that shows the horrendous conditions the POW had to work under. Be prepared if you visit here ( leave the flip flops at home) as there is some serious walking involved, also the midday heat can rise and the walk becomes more difficult. History shows that the POW’s had to work 18 hour days in these conditions and it makes you appreciate after only spending a couple of hours here.

Kanchanburi War Cemetery

This is a must do, located in the center of the town is Kanchanburi War Cemetery, there are 6,982 POW’s buried here and the sheer size and beauty of this place hits you the minute you walk inside.The cemetery is kept in beautiful and is a credit to all those involved, row upon row of grave stones with names and countries of many souls whom lost their lives during the war.

Erawan National Park

Located in over 500 square km the Erawan Natinal Park is a fair size, the main attraction is it’s 7 tiered waterfall that you can take a dip with the fish, there are some steep climbs and some fantastic views. The park is well worth a visit and if you are in Kanchanburi and should be a must see.

Wat Tham Sua

Translated in English the name is “Tiger Cave Temple” and the scenery and views from atop of the temple are superb, there is a huge Buddha image and the views of the dam and river are amazing,(as the sun goes down is the best time to visit). It’s a working temple so show your respects with what you wear but it adds to the experience.