A peek Inside the Window of Bangkok’s Chinatown

by sweet3mango 0

A quick look through the window into Bangkok’s Chinatown, an area of Bangkok where the ” ancestor’s ” meet and observe the world around them.

The Chinatown Gate is in the middle of the Odeon traffic circle, It was built in 1999 to commemorate the King’s 72nd birthday, and celebrates the cultural diversity of the modern city.


Chinatown is full of old parts stacked outside of workshops.


Wat Traimat is host to the Golden Buddha statue, it’s located at the end of Yaowarat road and is a short walk from Hua Lamphong train station.

Chinatown is full of interesting characters happy to pose for a photo ( Be polite and show respect ).

Lots of old vehicles around the back streets.

A view of a very quiet Yaowarat road.

Selling old amulets ( Pra Kreuang ) on Yarowat road.

Chinatown’s elders enjoying an early morning catch up.

Just in case you didn’t know where, the nearest station is  the MRT at Hua lamphong and Yaowarat road is a 5 minute walk from there