Essential Thai Phrases For Your First Visit To Thailand

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Greetings and Everyday Use

Sa Wat Dee (sa-wat–dee) / Hello

This is a greeting that is used everyday in Thailand, it can be used for Hello or a general welcome to someone. The greeting is followed by a Krap ( for males speakers ) and a Ka ( for female speakers ).

Kawp Koon (kop-koon) / Thank You

A simple way to say thank you, again Kawp Koon Krap for male speakers and Kawp Koon Ka for female speakers.

Chai – Yes (chai )

A very easy yes

Mai Chai (my–chai) — No

A simple no

Kor Tot (kor-tot) / Excuse Me

Bangkok can be crazy busy at times, be it on the transport system or in a bar trying to order a beer, this should be one of the first things you learn.

Mai Khao Jai (my–cow-jai) / I Don’t Understand

Used for when you don’t understand something ( which can be very often )

Lah Gorn (la-gon) / Goodbye

For when you are saying goodbye, normally for the last time.


Haawng Naam Yuu Thee Nai? (hong-nam-you–tee–nye) / Where Is The Bathroom?

An important one if you’ve had something spicy to eat then you need to use the bathroom/restroom.

Leo Sai / Leo Kwaa (lee-yo-sigh/lee-yo-kwa) — Turn Left / Turn Right

Great for when you are making your way back to your hotel in a taxi. ( Leo not to be confused with the popular Thai beer )

Yut / Pai (yut / pie) — Stop / Go

When you want your taxi driver or Tuk Tuk driver to stop.

At The Restaurant/Bar

Hiu (hew) / I’m Hungry

Letting some one you know you are hungry ( Phom hui khao/I’m hungry male speaker- Chan hiu khao/ I’m hungry female speaker.)

Mai Ped ( my ped ) Not spicy

A useful phrase for those that can’t do a lot of spicy food, be careful as what a Thai think’s is not spicy can still be spicy.

Nam (nam) / Water

An easy word for water, if you want to order a bottle of water it’s Nam Neung Khuat  ( one bottle of water )

Aroi (a-roy) / Delicious

Please your host by telling them how delicious their food is.

At The Market

A Nee Tao Rai? (a-nee–tow–rye) / How Much Is This?

For use in markets and when you are out shopping, in Thailand they will often write down the amount on a calculator.

Phaeng Mark Pai (feng-mak-pie) / Too Expensive

Maybe use this if you want to barter and get the price down.


Sun (sun) / 0

Nung (nung) / 1

Song (song) / 2

Sam (sam) / 3

See (see) / 4

Da (da) / 5

Hok (hawk) / 6

Jed (jed) / 7

Baed (bed) / 8

Making Friends & Small Talk

Gin Khao Lou Mai? (gin-cow–lou–mye) / Have You Eaten Yet?

Making small talk or asking someone of they are hungry ( Thai’s love to talk about food)

Suay / Lo Mak (soo–way / low-mak) — Very Beautiful / Handsome

If you want to impress the ladies or the men here is how.

Ron Mak (ron-mak) / I Am Very Hot

They probably already know as sweat drips off your forehead .

Mai Bpen Rai (my-pen-rye) / No Problem

Thai’s are very laid back and you will here this a lot, missed a flight? Mai Bpen Rai, lost your ATM card? Mai Bpen Rai.

Let us know how you get on with these simple phrases and send us an email if you have any suggestions for more.