“Rab Bua” or Lotus Receiving Festival

by sweet3mango 0

In English the translation means “Lotus Receiving Festival”,this festival in Thai is better known as “Yon Bua” which means “Lotus Throwing Festival” and is a much better phrase for this amazing Thai celebration.

The festival falls every year on the night of Awk Pansaa or the end of Buddhist lent,thousands of Thai’s line the river banks of Samrong Canal in Bang Phli.

Normally Rab Bua starts as early as 5am,by 6am its a difficult task to get anywhere near the river bank.

Floats are decked out in traditional Thai dress and long-tail boats are manned by men and women in traditional costumes.

If you are in Thailand next year, keep an eye on your diary and check this festival out.