Top 5 Places to Visit In Thailand?

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Top 5 Places to Visit In Thailand?

How do you make a top 5 of places to visit when Thailand in truth has so many, not even a top 50 would begin to cover it. So whilst my top 5 might not be yours or maybe any of the ones you will they are for different reason a surprise and enjoyable.

Erawan Temple Museum

Established in 1967 now past its 50th year the imposing 3 headed Elephant stands 29 meters high, 12 meters wide and 39 meters long, the temple is visible from the major toll way to the South of Bangkok. Whilst imposing from the outside it is equally impressive inside with its spiral staircases sweeping up to the heavens with glittering orations leading to a quiet temple from within the Elephants head.

Ancient City Muang Boran

This is about an hour away from the city of Bangkok to the south and covers over 200 acres, where you will not just view from the outside but are able to look inside many buildings of historic architecture. Whilst on this adventure through time you should allow yourself at least half a day and plenty of memory in your camera, its is arguably the worlds largest out door museum, less well known than many other tourist sights yet is a delight at anytime of the year.


I’d not say just one aspect, but the whole area is a great few days from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok,Obviously the town and the bridge section is a must along with the museums around the town locally. However do not ignore traveling.
Just a few extra miles and walk the trail by the track cut into the hill side on an old rickety bridge, Watch the current trains make a slow progress, then add the death railway walk a little farther north.
To lighten the mood a little there is a very progressive Elephant sanctuary which allow you to wash, clean end-play with the elephants in the river (no riding). Lastly try the Rock Valley Hot Springs for a well earned afternoon relaxation (18 different pools with various herbs to rest those aching limbs)


Not just for the numerous beaches ( which there are many) sure the obvious Railay Beach, plus the countless others too. Then you have the plentiful small islands scattered around this amazing place, it makes for a great day or half day trip (Choose your boat wisely.) Then there are the Emerald pools for a little bit of self-indulgence, Krabi offers a much better quality of life without the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

The Golden Triangle

This is an area which borders Thailand Laos and Myanmar, which covers the area of both Mekong and Rauk rivers, historically this place is linked strongly with the opium trade of the past, there are plenty of hills tribes to visit in land, the Black Village (very Norse like) and the White Temple of Wat Rung Khun which is a major attraction all of its own, however do not forget the tea plantations, where you are transported back in time and can forget your are actually in Thailand… it can be much cooler too.

So there you have my top 5 places to visit, please feel free to let us know yours.