Top Thai Travel Apps

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We bring you the best apps if you are a tourist in Thailand or a visitor on holiday here.

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With over 32 million users in Thailand,LINE is a messaging app similar to Viber and Whatsapp . It’s very popular in Asia and Bangkok is no exception. Make connections or coordinate with locals and tour guides easily, as well as with shops and companies.

You can order food, and use it to pay for goods in some stores ( sometimes with a discount ).

Download: iOS | Android


If you don’t fancy using the Local Taxi or Motorcycle services and want to get from point A to B with Bangkok’s leading service. With various modes of transportation (such as bikes), promos, and discounts, you can get around the capital despite the traffic. You can also book ahead if you need to.

Sweet3 does recommend using a meter Taxi or Motorbike

Download: iOS | Android


For foodies, deciding what to eat takes top priority. Wongnai is the Thai version of Yelp.( English version available ) .You can use the app to find restaurants, delivery services, maps, and more. You can set the language to English, read reviews, also some amazing deals at hotels for buffet’s and set meals.

Download: iOS | Android

XE Currency

My go to app to find how much you are actually spending and get updated on the daily exchange rate. If you are a tourist here it’s easy to compare how expensive or cheap a product is when you can compare it to the prices back home.

Download: iOS | Android


A top notch restaurant app that  offers recommendations, reservations and discounts of up to 50% off during specific, non-peak hours. Venues are split into in categories from cuisine to neighbourhood to style (e.g. rooftop, riverside, hotel buffets, etc.).

Also has a great feature that you can check what is on offer in your local area at any giving time.

Download Eatigo: iOSAndroid

Bangkok MRT

This is the official application from Bangkok Metro, also known as MRT. You can calculate fares and journey times from station to station.

Available for Android and iPhone


The best way to stay updated about local news is through the most popular English speaking newspaper in Thailand, the Bangkok post.

Available for Android and iPhone

Amazing Thailand

As it says on the box, the official app from the Tourist Authority of Thailand, the app features temples, Thailand’s wonderous islands and more.

Available for iOS and Android

Google Trips

Google Trips makes it easier than ever to plan and organize your trips. It automatically maps out a half day or a full day with suggestions for things to see and do. Don’t like what you see? Tap the “magic wand” to see more nearby sights. Each tap of the wand gives you a fresh set of nearby attractions.

Available on iOS and Android