Husky filmed being carried on a motorbike in Thailand

by sweet3mango 0

The amazing scene was filmed in Nakhon Ratchasima in Thailand on Tuesday,Observers believed the dog was enjoying the ride,the white garden chair was strapped to the bike with the husky sitting in the chair.

The pet owner also strapped a large rucksack near the rear wheel of the overloaded moped

One was sitting on the scooter’s footrest with its head in-between the man’s leg and the other was standing on a plastic garden chair that had been tied to the back of the bike.

Adding to the health and safety hazards was the rider’s rucksack which was tied uneasily next to the rear wheel with its flaps trailing in the wind.

Kitsana said: ‘The dog’s in the VIP hot seat. It looks like he has the special chair just for him to travel comfortably.

‘I hope he did not fall off. But they both looked like they were enjoying the ride.’